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Cerveza Baguales was born on a wind-swept hill in Puerto Natales in the spring of 2006 - the brainchild of three friends who had met three years prior (and half a world away) while rock climbing in Joshua Tree National Park, California. As fate would have it, the friends not only shared a passion for climbing, but also for good beer.
Worlds collided once again on New Years of 2010 when we opened Patagonia’s first Brewpub! We took a long-abandoned house from the early 1900s on the Plaza de Armas, restored it, added a brewery and started cooking up the best pub food this side of the Andes. Good food, good music and ales fresh from our tanks to your glass - it just doesn’t get any better…

Inspired by the natural beauty of Patagonia and the strong craft ales of California, Baguales embodies two worlds in one glass. Brewed in a true “artisanal” style per the strict Reinheitzgebot Purity Law, our unfiltered and unpasteurized ales are brewed with local malted barley, hops imported from the Pacific Northwest, yeast, and some of the best water on the planet. This strong and natural ale, worthy of the wild surroundings that inspired its creation, soon caught on and was the first true draft beer offered throughout Torres del Paine National Park.

With that we welcome you to Baguales Restaurant + Brewery. With every burger and beer, you become part of our history - without you, none of this would be possible. Thank you! Now sit back, relax and enjoy the only hand-crafted ales worthy of the rich history of our surroundings and spirit of those brave enough to call it home!

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